Christmas Cards.

Pic of the Christmas card.

Usually, I have all my Christmas cards ready to be mailed out right after Thanksgiving. But this year, I decided not to send out Christmas cards. I didn’t make any and didn’t buy any. Simple, right?

But then, a relative ended up in the hospital so I bought a box of Christmas cards and sent one. Then I figured if people sent me Christmas cards, it would be nice to have something to send back. In years past, I would send out a bunch of Christmas cards and also receive a bunch of Christmas cards. This year? I got 3. So I happily sent out those three cards back. And then another relative ended up in the hospital, so I sent a card there, too. And then I decided to send cards to three more people who I usually correspond with via letter/mail.

It actually feels good to feel in control of who I am sending cards to. Maybe that seems silly as I’ve always been in control of it so maybe I just really feel more intentional about it. Instead of just doing what I traditionally do and send out cards to those everyone would expect me to send cards to – I am making a choice and decision to send out each card individually. And now, I have a bunch of cards left over that I can pack up with my Christmas stuff after the holiday is over and pull out and send out next year! I’m really liking the way this turned out…


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