I don’t do ugly Christmas sweater.

Tomorrow at work we are having an ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ day. I don’t have an ugly Christmas sweater. I don’t even have an ugly sweater – well, I have a pretty beat up sweater that has holes in it but it’s comfortable and I wouldn’t call it ugly, just well-worn. When I see some of the posts of ugly Christmas sweaters, I can get that they are pretty funny or silly or fun. But I just can’t seem to justify hanging onto a sweater all year long to only wear it once or twice. Maybe it could be stored along with all the other Christmas decorations and that wouldn’t be so bad since it would be out of sight most of the year anyways.

I feel like this ugly Christmas sweater day may have started off as a pretty legit day, like people in the past actually did get sweaters for Christmas and this one day would be the time you can wear it and not feel awkward. But now it’s been taken to the extreme with specialty ugly Christmas sweaters and expensive ugly Christmas sweaters and do-it-yourself ugly Christmas sweaters that have more stuck on them then is ever practical for a sweater.

Do you have an ugly Christmas sweater?


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