Pictures. Everywhere.

I’m having some issues with pictures lately. I take pictures with my camera, then I used to back them up onto my computer and a flash drive. I like having them in two places just in case they get lost or damaged in one place, they are not all lost forever. Then I got a new computer and didn’t want to put them all on it, so my photos were just on my flash drive. That was when I decided to keep them also on Google Drive and I moved a copy into Google Drive. That worked well because then they were still in two places. But now my extra storage with Google Drive is expiring (I kind of forgot that I had a Motorola deal that gave me extra storage for a limited time) so  the pictures need to be moved. The good news: Google Photos will let me store unlimited photos as long as you use their high quality size for each photo. The bad news: I tried to move all the photos over which took forever and a lot of them failed and it didn’t really keep it organized as to which ones failed. So now I have photos still on Google Drive (which need to be taken off by January 5th) and most on Google Photos but I don’t know which ones aren’t there. So basically I created a big digital photo mess…

I actually have two flash drives… so I’m thinking I might just save all the photos on both flash drives for now, which isn’t really convenient but is doable. And I’ll keep the flash drives in two different places so if one is destroyed or damaged, hopefully the other will still work. I really just want a simple, easy solution but can’t seem to come up with one…



2 thoughts on “Pictures. Everywhere.

  1. Hahaha!! Sounds just like me! I have pictures everywhere! I like putting the ones that I want to be able to find easily on my desktop. So now there’s like 3 or 4 laptops around that have my favorite pictures on them but I don’t remember which kid has which laptop and they seem to get mad when I tell them that I need to see them. And it’s just a big mess! I have a server that I keep them all on, when I upload them anyways, and the pictures are sorted by years and then somewhat by date or event but I can still never seem to find the ones I’m looking for. On the last count, I had over 60,000 pics. How in the world could I ever keep those better organized? LOL!!!

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