Blood Type Diet.

There are a lot of fad diets out there and a ton of nutritional advice everywhere. But the one that really makes the most sense to me is the blood type diet ( I read an article recently about how some diets/foods that are good for one person may not be so good for another – but the article didn’t go on to explain why that would be the case. I wonder if they even considered looking at the different blood types. People have different types of blood, and it’s your blood – so I’d imagine that has some importance and that it plays a role in your health.

I’m blood type O. So according to the website, I should avoid wheat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol and focus instead on lean, organic meat, fruits and veggies. I should also strive for brisk, regular, aerobic exercise. There are quite a few books written by the same guy that started the website on the topic, I recently recommended them to the local library and if they become available, I plan to read them. Basing a diet and lifestyle on blood type just makes so much more sense to me than anything else out there. And I think it’s definitely worth consideration and worth a try!


3 thoughts on “Blood Type Diet.

  1. I have thought about it, but I have major thyroid issues. I don’t have one anymore! So, I though that would be a solution the issues, but lo and behold there are still problems. So I wonder if something like this would work for me? I find myself having to modify whatever plan I am on so that I eat less carbs than suggested b/c of my health stuff. Have you tried it?

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