Simple Bed Frame.

I strive for a more simple life, a minimalist approach, and clutter-free living. I don’t really think it’s something I’ll ever fully reach and be done but I think of it more as a way of life, a state of mind and a perspective to use when approaching the world.

“One can furnish a home very luxuriously by taking out furniture rather than putting it in.” – Francis Jourdain

I want a new bed frame. Or maybe I should say I want a bed frame. Right now, I have a box spring and mattress that sit on the bed frame that came with the mattress- you know like the metal ones with wheels that sits about 6 inches above the ground, it’s just flat and metal (and rather ugly).

What I really want is a very simple bed frame. I don’t think I even need a headboard or a footboard (that’s the minimalist approach for me). I’ve considered going without a bed frame (full minimalist approach), but I think the mattresses would then be too low and would look sloppy because the blanket would then drape onto the floor instead of hang neatly at the bottom and sides. Some height would be nice but I don’t want to store anything under the bed, I just want open space under the bed so it’s easier to vacuum under there and it looks open and clean. I would like this bed frame to be wood, but not heavy in case we need to move it but also not light and cheap so that it breaks or needs to be replaced often.

I tried looking for this bed frame online and can’t seem to find just the right one. If I was good with wood, I’d build it myself but I don’t see that ever happening! Maybe someday I’ll find that perfect, clean, simple bed frame.


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