Quotes From Fried Green Tomatoes (the book)

“She wondered why she had to live in a body that would get old and break down and feel pain. Why couldn’t she have been  living inside a desk, a big sturdy desk? Or a stove? Or a washing machine? She would much rather have an ordinary repairman, like an electrician or a plumber, than a doctor work on her.”

“Towanda ordained that: an equal number of men and women would be in the government and sit in on peace talks; she and her staff of crack chemical scientists would find a cure for cancer and invent a pill that would let you eat all you want and not gain weight; people would be forced to get a license to have children and must be found fit, financially and emotionally – no more starving or battered children. Jerry Falwell would be responsible for the raising of all illegitimate children who had no homes; no kittens or puppies would be put to sleep, and they would be given a state of their own, maybe New Mexico or Wyoming; teachers and nurses would receive the same salary as professional football players.”

“‘Well, I don’t know about that,’ Mrs. Threadgoode said. ‘I just wish I had me a barbecue and a piece of pie, and I’d be happy.'”

*All quotes are from Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg


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