Unspeakable words.

There are some words that I really can’t say. Or rather, I can say them but they usually don’t come out right. And I stumble over them – well, actually I just avoid them as much as possible. I am only fluent in English, my first language was English, all my life has been in English. I did take French for 3 years in high school but really I wasn’t good at speaking it and don’t remember most of it anymore. But anyways, these are my words that I struggle to say, the unspeakable words:

-entrepreneur (I can never quite get it right, it comes out en-trep-rener or en-tray-prener)

-wolf (typically I say this as woof)

-sword (the sw is hard, I can do it but it’s easier to say sord)

-connoisseur (I really just don’t think I can get the eur ending for any word)

Then there are also words that I say the same even though they are supposed to  be pronounced differently such as pen/pin.

*More words to be added as I come across them…

Added 12/17/2015 – minutiae


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