NutriBullet – Day 1.

IMG_20151109_060643982I did it. I bought a NutriBullet. I didn’t see any of the infomercials. I am not hoping it will perform one of the health miracles it claims to fulfill. I did not buy it in the hopes that my life will be forever changed. So why did I buy it? For the convenience.

Day 1 with the NutriBullet was actually 11/7 when I bought it. Then I opened the box on 11/8. I drank my first NutriBlast (because that’s what you’re supposed to call it) on 11/9. It was, indeed, very convenient. The instruction book says you can only fill it to the max line that’s why the cup in the top picture only looks partially full. It should be half lettuce/spinach/kale/etc then half fruit/veggies then add a boost (nuts, powders, etc) and then fill to the line with liquid. For my first one, I threw in spinach, Greek yogurt (it was strawberry/banana flavored), frozen fruit, walnuts and water. The NutriBullet mixed up the drink really quickly, I was impressed at it’s speed and ease of use. Also super easy to clean.

IMG_20151109_060947957It was drinkable. I wouldn’t say it was like a smoothie because it wasn’t very sweet. It was really just like drinking a spinach salad with Greek yogurt instead of dressing. I’m sure the sugar in the yogurt and fruit helped make it drinkable. The spinach didn’t completely dissolve so there were little spinach specs in it but they were drinkable and that didn’t bother me. I had been trying to eat more Greek yogurt with walnuts for breakfast and make sure I got my spinach in at lunch so this just put it all together and made it much easier to consume. I’d say it was a good buy and I’ll keep using it.


6 thoughts on “NutriBullet – Day 1.

      1. I understand. Someone once told me that eating local honey helped fight allergies. I don’t know whether that’s remotely true or not, but I use it in my smoothies as a sweetener/ medicine combo!


    1. I was ready for them to be scared, but they didn’t run and hide! They just kind of stared at me and I said “It’s okay, you’re okay” and they seemed fine after. Also, it can only blend for 1 minute before it overheats and stops, so luckily it works real fast.

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