I Prefer Disney Cruise Line.

Last Sea Day (15)I like to cruise. I have been on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (2006, 2007), Norwegian Cruise Line (2008), Carnival Cruise Line (2010) and Disney Cruise Line (2011, 2012, 2014, 2015). My favorite for sure is Disney Cruise Line. Here are a few reasons why I prefer Disney:

-Soda Bar. Disney has a 24/7 soda bar that also serves coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. It’s self serve so there is usually only a short wait if someone gets there before you. It’s wonderful. On other cruise lines, we had to purchase a soda card in  and then had to wait at a bar/lounge in order to get a soda which could take a while during busy times.

-Disney Difference. It’s the small things that make up the Disney Difference. In my experience, the crew has always been extra friendly and will go out of their way to do a little something extra (example: one time I was trying to find a seat at the buffet and a crew member offered to carry my tray and found me a seat then offered to get me a drink!). There was another time my friends and I were hanging out in a lounge and Goofy was walking by, he ended up coming in, saying hello to everyone and we got a great group photo with him.

-Disney Dirty. All the cruises I’ve been on offer an adult show at night, usually it will be the comedian, ventriloquist, or magician that will do a family friendly show during the day then offer another adult only show at night. I have had to walk out of some of the adult shows on other cruise lines because they were really inappropriate and some were really just the same show but had a lot of bad words thrown in (which didn’t make it a better show). On Disney, the comedian, ventriloquist, or magician will offer an adult only show but they call it “Disney Dirty” which basically means it may contain adult content and some bad words but it doesn’t push it, doesn’t offend and doesn’t get too inappropriate. I have never had to walk out of a show on a Disney ship.

-Disney Fun. The horns on the Disney ships play songs. I have seen the YouTube video of other ships trying to play songs and they do not sound nearly as good. The characters are something only Disney can provide since they are Disney and they bring their own sort of magic to the ship.

-Fireworks. The fireworks on the Disney ships are awesome, it’s a pretty good firework show. Maybe not as crazy or long as Disneyland or Disney World but still amazing. And they often combine it with Pirate Night where everyone, including the crew, get into the theme of it.

-Character breakfast. Included in the cruise is a free character breakfast. This is a really awesome time to get in a lot of character pictures. A cast member will basically come to your table, tell you that Mickey (or whichever character) will be at your table in a few minutes so get your camera ready. Then Mickey gets there, says hello to everyone and poses for pictures with everyone. Then a few minutes later, a cast member will say Minnie (or whoever) will be at your table in a few minutes. It’s very well organized and some of my favorite photos came from these breakfasts.

-Entertainment. On other ships, a lot of the nightly shows will be singers/dancers putting on a show with a different theme each night. I never really enjoyed the shows that much but they were okay. Then I went on Disney and the shows are awesome! Definitely not the same ol’ nightly shows that you get on other cruise lines and definitely not something you want to miss.

-Movies. There is a movie theater on board and it’s free and it plays a ton of movies throughout the cruise. Since Disney owns Disney movies, there are a lot of really good movies playing. If you are taking a cruise when Disney is releasing a movie on land – it will also release on ship as well!

-Rooms. Typically the rooms on Disney are larger than the rooms on other cruise lines. Since they are made with families in mind, all the rooms have bathtubs – even though I don’t take a bath – I enjoy the extra space. I do remember cruising on other lines and the showers were so tiny that it was hard to do anything. Many rooms also have split baths so you have a toilet/sink in one room and bathtub/sink in the other.

-Disney Touches.Throughout the ships are a ton of Disney artwork. Disney music is playing everywhere but often it’s a different style then what you might be used to so you don’t get bored with just the same ol’ Disney tunes. Hidden mickeys can also be found throughout the ships.

Anything else I missed?


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