A New Idea for Halloween?

IMG_20141031_064012410 (2)
Halloween is coming up. Here in the US, that means lots of costume shopping, decorating, candy buying and party planning. I just read an article today about the billions of dollars that Americans are expected to spend this year on Halloween candy. And in the same instance, also saw an article about how to get rid of the Halloween candy your kid will collect. What?!? This doesn’t even really make sense – we’re spending money to buy candy to give to kids so that the parents can try to get rid of it.

In my city and I think in a ton of other cities across the US, there are a lot of public events for kids that involve candy and trick-or-treating on or around Halloween – usually these take place at shopping centers, churches, recreation centers, schools, etc. What I propose is that children use these events to dress up, have fun, trick-or-treat and do all the Halloween related activities possible. Then on Halloween night, the kids can stay indoors, play games, watch movies, eat the candy they got, etc or go to the public events if they happen to be on Halloween night. So no more trick-or-treating at strangers houses, no more adults feeling guilty for not wanting to hand out candy or buy candy to hand out and we can all celebrate (or not) Halloween in our own way. Does that make sense to anyone else out there or is it just me?


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