Disney World Tips – Epcot.

IMG_20140910_185012586_HDRI’ve only been to Epcot once and that was in September 2014. Here are my thoughts on it and some ways to make it even more fun! This is going to be a very casual post so if I don’t know the name of something, I’ll just guess. But the ideas are still legit.

-There is an entry area and then the “world loop” area. It’s kind of nice to make dining/food reservations (if you’re going to make a dining reservation) before the world loop area opens. That way you can enjoy the loop without having to rush back to make your reservations. Or I guess you can also make reservations towards the end of the day, that would work, too. What I’m really saying is it’s best to enjoy the huge entry area before or after doing the world loop.

DSC03111-The Coral Reef restaurant was really neat and a great experience. We got reservations then asked for a table near the aquarium and there was still a bit of a wait but it was worth it.

-Give yourself enough time to make it around the world loop. We ended up not having enough time for UK and Canada.

-Speaking of time, when we go again, I’m definitely skipping the American Adventure show in the US section. It’s a huge theater but the show was pretty long and pretty boring. The other shows in the other country section were really awesome, don’t skip those.

DSC03118-I’ve read it’s best to go left around the loop (clockwise) instead of right because most people tend to go right. Unsure if that’s actually true but we went left and that worked out well for us.

-Find foods or drinks online that sound interesting to you for each section or certain sections then be sure to try them. It ensures you at least try something new and you’ll get a sense of accomplishment for each one you try. The ones I found were mostly desserts. 🙂

-Check out the stores even if you aren’t buying anything, they sell interesting things from each place.

DSC03108-The cast members in each area are actually from the country they are representing, so take a moment to talk to them and ask questions if you have a chance. Or just notice how they talk, how they look and what their names are.

-The big Epcot ball (shown in picture) actually has a ride inside of it that is really neat. I’d recommend going on the Epcot ball ride, it is a small moving ride  but I found it interesting.

-Some of the rides/shops/areas are a bit hidden, so definitely be sure to look around and explore all the paths around you. There are also different “shows” listed in the park map brochure thing, those are really cool and fun to watch. We made a point to watch the juggler and acrobats.


5 thoughts on “Disney World Tips – Epcot.

  1. Went in 90 and 99 I think. Enjoyed the American singers out in the lobby and the different countries were interesting. Ate at the German once and Norwegian the other time. Neither one gets my returning vote…the ride thru the plants was pretty cool. Probably time to go again…

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