Happy Caturday! Let’s Talk About Cat Feeders!

DSC02694Cats need food. That’s a fact. And if you forget, the cats are quick to let you know and they will make sure their demands for food are heard! We got our cats when they were approximately 3 months (date of birth was guessed since they were rescues). We started off with these feeders on the left (typically called gravity feeders); the cats eat the food and it automatically fills in the bowl with more food. Endless food for the cats, which seemed like a great idea at the time – we only had to wash out the bowls and refill the feeders from time to time. I’m pretty sure I even read that this is a good idea for kittens (cats are considered kittens until they are one) so we did this type of feeding for their first year. But then the cats started gaining weight, so we had to remedy this and got cute little cat bowls. We got the raised ones because occasionally we’d see ant2015-03-03s also eating our cats food. The ants never actually thought to climb up and get into the raised cat bowls, so that was good. We also started only filling the bowls twice a day with a certain amount of food which should help with weight loss. But after a while the cats realized we were providing the food and would therefore would meow at us and follow us whenever they were hungry or thought we should be feeding them. It was annoying and it gets really tiring really fast. So we finally opted for automatic cat feeders. These come in a variety of shapes, sizes, options and prices. We got these crazy ones because it allowed for many feeding times – the cats arIMG_20150727_175620049e now fed a small amount of food every 3 hours. This has helped them from meowing for food and so far their weight seems to be pretty good (I weigh the cats about once a month). And the feeders can easily be adjusted to dispense less food if needed. At first we tried to get them to share a feeder but that didn’t work (led to growling) so we had to get two, which works well. And they even get some exercise because as soon as they hear the click of the feeder turning on to dispense food, they come running like crazy from where ever they are to eat!


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