My Thoughts on Coupons

I really wish stores would just automatically apply coupons or have a little display when you walk in to show you the deal they are having. I understand why stores send people coupons – it gives people a reason to go to that store (even if they otherwise might not have gone) and encourages people to buy something (“I have a coupon, I must use it!”). But I’m getting really tired of dealing with coupons. I get them and I hang onto them – just in case I might buy something from that store and wouldn’t want to have to pay full price when I have a perfectly good coupon to use. Then they expire or I go to the store and forget the coupon at home – and to avoid that problem would mean carrying all my coupons around with me just in case I might happen to go to that store and buy something. There are a lot of coupons that are electronic now and you can just show them on your phone, but there are still quite a few that are paper and are mailed to me and I get tempted to keep them even if I have no plans to buy something from that store anytime soon. I could just stop the madness, stop using coupons – but then I still feel like I lose out, I don’t save money. However, I only really save money if I use a coupon for something I was already planning to buy in the first place. Which leads me back to the original idea – stores should just have coupons/deals ready for you when you get to the store.


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