Nude Cruise?

It’s Thoughtful Thursday and here are my thoughts regarding a nude cruise. That’s right – a nude cruise. I just read an article about a cruise for nudists. The article mentioned that they were supposed to cover up in the dining places, but apparently most people didn’t. And the yoga instructor did mention that clothing was necessary. It also said the average age was probably around 65.

I absolutely love cruises… but definitely would never even consider going on a nude cruise. For me, this just raises too many questions and I’m not completely sure I’d even want to know the answers! Do the cruise ship workers wash down all the seating areas immediately after each person leaves? Or does everyone carry a towel that they sit on each time they sit somewhere? I doubt they would do this because that would be ironic to carry a towel yet walk around naked. Would the handrails and elevator buttons ever be clean? I guess on that same topic, what about the elevator walls… or what happens when too many people try to cram into an elevator! Let’s get away from that thought… do they still keep the inside of the ship air conditioned or would that be too cold without clothes on? I’m usually a little chilly on cruise ships and can’t imagine how cold it would be without clothes. Do nudists wear jewelry or would that defeat the purpose? If not, how would they do a formal night… or maybe they just skip that altogether. Or they just have fancy hairstyles.

Obviously, I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to the nudist community but I did find it interesting that they have at least one cruise sailing for people who prefer to be without clothing.


4 thoughts on “Nude Cruise?

  1. I won’t even go to a nude beach, so I can’t imagine a nude cruise! But you’re right, at least they have something catering to people who are into that sort of thing.

    When people are topless on public beaches, I turn my head away. I can’t even imagine where I’d look if they were completely naked and trying to talk to me. Maybe the sky? Definitely not the ground.

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