7 Tips for Cat Allergies

I am allergic to cats but I still chose to get cats. Here are my top tips that have worked for me:cat care 1
1. Get a Furminator. I know the name sounds silly, but seriously it seems to work. It doesn’t trim the cat’s fur or pull it out, it simply gets the fur that the cat shed that is now trapped under the current layer of fur. Or something like that. The picture above (left) shows what a Furminator can do in just 10 minutes on my two cats.

2. Use cat wipes on the cats as needed. The cat wipes are made specifically to be used on pets and will clean off the dander (which is what most people are actually allergic to). I take one wipe, rub it all over the cat like crazy then brush the cat with the black part of the brush shown. Then take another wipe and wipe down the other cat. You can use these daily if needed. And you also don’t have to use them “like crazy.”

cat care 2

3. Get an air purifier. There are many different makes/models, some are also odor reducers, some can be specific for allergies/pets. I’d recommend one that has the energy star on it or is energy-efficient because I leave it running all day and all night and also look for one specific to pet allergies.

4. Get a good vacuum. Make sure the vacuum has HEPA filters and is made for picking up pet fur and/or allergies. A good vacuum can make a big difference. Hardwood floors might be better for allergies, but I live in an apartment and didn’t get a choice so a good vacuum for the carpets was needed. Vacuum often.

5. Do not let the cats sleep in your bedroom. This is especially nice on days when my regular/seasonal allergies are terrible – I don’t have to worry about it possibly being complicated by a cat allergy as well. It’s easier to not let the cats in the room to begin with then to try to get them out later!

6. Pick the right furniture. If you are buying new furniture or replacing old furniture, keep the cats in mind and find a couch/sofa that is easy to vacuum. Most vacuums come with an accessory for upholstery so be sure to vacuum it often. Also, consider dining chairs that do not have cushions attached to them which would make them harder to clean, I chose dining chairs that are comfortable without any cushions.

7. Trim the cat’s nails. Pet stores sell special nail clippers for pets. I try to trim the cat’s nails every week. Since I have a cat allergy, if I get a small little scratch when playing with the cats – it turns red and itchy and feels much worse than it actually is.


7 thoughts on “7 Tips for Cat Allergies

  1. I can’t pick my cat up and so the only thing that will work for me is to vacuum and get an air purifier and yes I am allergic to her. She lives in my bedroom with me. I have asthma too.

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      1. She has one, but has decided to sleep elsewhere. She is very independent and she sometimes sleeps on top of me. My daughter can’t come to my room. Her allergy is worse than mine. I am on prescription allergy medicine and sometimes I still have a sneezing fit.


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