The Cat Story

09-13-2013 (3)
Prosperity – Picture taken 09-13-2013

My husband and I wanted to get cats for a long time but the apartment we lived in when we got married did not allow cats, so it wasn’t an option. We ended up moving after a few years and the new apartment also did not allow cats but at some point, the complex decided that cats were okay and even held an adoption day to kick off the new rules! It was then that we could actually start considering whether or not we wanted to get a cat, and there was quite a lot to consider. I’m actually allergic to cats (did a whole allergy test and one of the bumps that itched like crazy was the one that shows if you’re allergic to cats). But I did some research and found that there are steps to take for people who want cats but are allergic (this will be the topic of a future post!). I always thought it would be funny to have a cat and name him/her Calamities. And then my husband got a fortune cookie once when we were at a Chinese restaurant and it mentioned something about calamity and prosperity – and we thought those would be perfect names! And we even envisioned Prosperity as a tuxedo cat (fitting for the name) and Calamities as an all black cat.

9-7-13 Almost 15 Weeks (6)
Calamities – Picture taken on 09-07-13

Not too long after that, a friend who works at a pet hospital posted on Facebook that they had 4 rescue cats that needed homes (were tuxedo cats and 1 was all black). We thought perfect! So we excitedly went to visit on a Friday (09-06-2013) after work, and they let us play with the cats in a small room (they were so cute and tiny and fun), filled out the application and then went shopping for every type of cat supply we would need! My allergies didn’t seem freaked out by the cat encounter, and on Saturday (09-07-2013) we got a phone call regarding our application and asking some additional questions about our home (the cats had to be indoor only, etc) and we were approved. So we went back to the pet hospital on Saturday and picked out our cats! Unfortunately, the all black cat was so skittish and scared that he kept hiding in the corner and we decided he might not be the best kitten for our home. So we ended up with 2 tuxedo cats! The rescue group recommended taking for many reasons and we’re glad we did. My friend at the hospital did tell us that the all black cat and remaining tuxedo cat ended up getting along really well and ended up being adopted together, so it ended up working well for all the cats. 

And that is how our cat story began…


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