I Want a Vacuum That Sucks

Ah, vacuum cleaners. The act of vacuuming isn’t something that I particularly enjoy but it has to get done and if I’m going to go through the effort of getting out the vacuum, plugging it in, and vacuuming – that vacuum better suck! I don’t want to waste my time pushing a vacuum around and have it leave all that dirt and fur and hair and who knows what else in the carpet. The vacuum needs to suck it up! When my husband and I got married, we got a new vacuum – it did not work well, it was cheap. A few years later, we bought another one – this time splurging for a Dyson because I heard they suck and suck well. It did work well for about two years then starting making a loud noise and I think a little piece inside it may have broke – Dyson did have a warranty but the vacuum shop said it would be weeks until they could get around to fixing it. So I took it to Bed, Bath and Beyond to return it (they have a great return policy, by the way). This was in 2012 – and I left the store with a brand new Dyson. About a year or two after using the new one, it started making a loud clanking noise (reviews online say this is because the brush bar can’t turn) so I would turn it off, roll the brush bar and it turned perfectly fine. So I turn the vacuum back on and it worked fine. So I went a long time with vacuuming, hearing the loud noise, turning it off, turning it on, vacuuming, loud noise, off, on, vacuum, noise, off, on. It was annoying but yet, the vacuum was still (mostly) working so I dealt with it. Finally, about a week ago it started whistling as well, I think when I took a filter to clean it, a little rubber piece broke and I put it back in but apparently it was broken enough to allow a little air through to make a whistle sound. I had the receipt for the vacuum from 2012 but was a little embarrassed to try to return it again to Bed, Bath and Beyond but at the same time the vacuum was nearly $400 regular price, $320 after using the 20% off coupon so I figured I might as well ask. If the store says I can’t return it, no loss, I’ll just buy another vacuum – but if they do accept the return, excellent. Husband and I brought the vacuum in and I said we were wondering if we could return it but we’ve had it for a long time and I have the receipt and she immediately said that if I had the receipt, I can return it, simple as that. So we picked out a new Shark vacuum, used a 20% off coupon, and ended up getting about $40 worth in store credit since the new vacuum ended up costing less than the old one! Amazing! So far the new vacuum definitely sucks! I will hang onto the receipt just in case it starts acting up.


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