Time to wake up…

Isn’t it interesting to think about all the different ways people get up and get ready in the morning? It’s the beginning of a new day, the beginning of a new adventure and some people greet it with eagerness and anticipation while others just merely go through the motions in hopes of making it through one more day. I am a morning person – I like waking up in the morning and starting the day.

A few weeks ago, I stopped sleeping in on the weekends. Now, I wake up every morning at 5:50 am. I am hoping that this will eventually get my body used to waking up at 5:50 am so that at some point I won’t depend on an alarm. A few days ago, I started taking a shower in the evening – so that is no longer part of my morning routine. This will allow me to get to work earlier and therefore leave work earlier and have more of the afternoon to enjoy.

My morning routine is quite simple – get out of bed, use the toilet, weigh myself, change into work clothes, wash my face, put my hair up, put on deodorant, eat breakfast, say goodbye to my husband, grab my lunch, go to work. 20 minutes. It takes 10 minutes to get ready and 10 minutes for breakfast. My hair is not perfect nor smooth, but I still do not use any gel or mousse or hairspray or anything in it – I just comb it (with a comb, at some point a few years ago I stopped using a brush and now only use a comb) and pull it up into a ponytail or bun (and yes, it does get frizzy and sometimes go in different directions but that’s okay. My skin is also not perfect (sometimes I get pimples and other blemishes) but I do not want to use makeup, I do not want to cover up my face and it’s okay, too. I like feeling like I am free to be myself.

How is your morning routine? Does it set you up for the day in the way that you want it to?


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