Book Review: Look Me in the Eye by John Elder Robison

look me in the eye

Excellent book. Really helped me to understand how people with Asperger’s or autism might think and why they might do things a certain way. I’d recommend this book to just about everyone. Considering how many children and people have autism, you’re likely to know or meet someone that might be a little different than you are; This book might be able to help you understand where they are coming from when they say or do something that could be seen as a little… odd.

“No one knows why one person has a gift like this and another doesn’t but I’ve met other Aspergian people with savant abilities like mine. In my opinion, part of this ability – which I seem to have been born with – comes from my extraordinary powers of concentration. I have an extremely sharp focus.” – Look Me in the Eye by John Robison

*Read in January 2015*


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