So it begins…

I started a blog. Here it is! As of right now, I plan to post quotes, book reviews, random thoughts and maybe some pictures. The quotes will be from books, movies, songs, people or wherever else quotes might come from. I really like quotes, I think they can have so much meaning and at the same time be very simple. The book reviews will be on books I’ve read recently, maybe going back to reviews from last year, too, if my reading can’t keep up with how many I want to post. And if I seem to really love a book and you read a book that is similar that I would probably love just as much, please suggest it – I’m always open to a good book suggestion. The random thoughts on here will just be my random thoughts; sometimes I have a lot of thoughts and I think it would be good to get them in writing (even if it doesn’t benefit anyone reading this, it will help me to get these thoughts out of my head sometimes). The photos will probably be from around the house, trips and of course, the cats.


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